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Breast molded with silicone or TPE


The TPE (or silicone) breasts are soft, real, slightly stiff and offer a good bounce. Our TPE doll collection and sex torsos made of TPE as well as hybrid flat chest sex doll (TPE body and silicone face) includes breast molding made of TPE.

The silicone breasts are only available on silicone mini sex doll models. This is the most common production grade for this model.

Two texture and flexibility options are offered for both of these cases:

1. A hollow breast

2. Solid Breast

Breasts with hollowed out

The hollow breasts are the preferred choice for the majority manufacturing companies. Hollow breasts for a doll include pockets (or cavity) full of air. The hollow breasts are soft and bouncy, with an authentic feel. When kneaded, breasts that are hollow are softer and more light than breasts that are solid. The hollow breasts go above solid breasts when it comes to real-life appearance. This type of breast is suggested for japanese sex doll who have massive and large breasts. The chance of tearing is less.

3 advantages:

The choice is completely free

Its softness, lightness texture, and realistic movements

– A lower possibility of tears for large breasts.

Chest with breasts that are solid

The breasts that are solid in a cheap sex doll have the highest level of rigidity. They are fully filled with the primary material (TPE or silicone, depending on). After being kneaded or pressurized it will show an incredible firmness and tenacity to the contact. Because of their construction solid breasts weigh more and more difficult to work with as hollow breasts. We suggest against them when you have large breasts because of the danger of tears because of their mass.

To ensure realisticity and convenience Solid breasts are the most popular option for many realist bbw sex doll makers.

2 advantages:

The choice is completely free

The breast is hard, solid and heavy

Jiggly Breasts

The implants are thought to be extremely soft and soft, similar to the real breasts of a woman. If you’re a realist fan, then you must consider this option. Implants made of gel are designed to resemble human fat. When you press on the breast, you’ll feel a genuine and real sensation. The firmness, bounce , and controlled movements make this method the most sophisticated option.

More powerful than words Here three video clips of WM teen sex doll (small breasts/ massive breasts) using Jiggly Breast. Jiggly Breast alternative.

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