The hazards of second-hand dolls

For some people, physical dolls seem to be high-end luxury items. Because new physical dolls are more expensive, some people will consider buying or renting second-hand dolls, which are not only unreliable, but also unhygienic. And because of the particularity of love doll, it is difficult to disinfect them. If the previous buyer has any disease, it may spread through this route. Physical dolls are used for intimate contact. Therefore, if the seller does not pay attention to maintenance and cleaning, it is likely to cause the physical dolls to be unhygienic. Customers who buy or rent second-hand physical dolls and continue to use them may be infected with AIDS and other diseases.
And our shop also has a lot of cheap sex doll, if you don’t have enough budget, you can consider this first. If well maintained, sex dolls can be used for several years. On average, the cost of a day is not very expensive, and it can also give you a guarantee of safety.

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The advantages and disadvantages of silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls

Do you know the difference between silicone sex doll and TPE doll? Are you confused about what to buy? let me tell you.

TPE sex doll:
TPE is a rubber/plastic mixture. Compared with silicone dolls, it is more elastic and elastic. It can simulate the sense of touch of the human body very well.
TPE is odorless, although some oils used to prevent it from drying out may have a slight “oily” odor, which will disappear within a week or two.
TPE is porous and may cause stains.
TPE dolls are cheaper than silicone dolls.
TPE dolls are more prone to breakage.

Silicone sex doll :
The silicone doll looks more realistic.
Silicone is a strong material that can maintain its shape and can withstand weight.
Silicone is odorless, non-porous, anti-fouling, and easy to disinfect.
Silica gel is not fragile.
The non-porous texture means it has a “super smooth” synthetic feel and can be cleaned easily.
Silicone is more expensive than TPE.

Both types of dolls have advantages and disadvantages, as well as similarities. For example; they are all hypoallergenic, they can hold heat well, and they can all be heated in the bath or shower. If you want to have a lifelike sex doll, you can choose silicone head with TPE boby.