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“Better to have a robot than a child real”

Academic advocates for cheap sex doll dismiss objections because they are rooted in a society’s discomfort or disgust with adult-child sex. These advocates label those who oppose mini sex doll socially prudent or closed-minded to the possibility of child-sex doll use. Ole Martin Moen, University of Oslo researcher, and Aksel Braanen Steerri warn that paedophilia should not be treated as a matter of finding outlets for outrage and disgust.

Others believe that social discomfort might hinder important research.

Michael Seto, Director of Forensic Rehabilitation Research at Royal Ottawa Health Care Group has stated that he hopes that people “can get past their emotions to the idea of children sex toys or fictional child pornography in the hope that they might find an option that will help people with paedophilia” and that “blocking harmless ways of masturbating” may make sex offenders even more desperate and more likely to offend. He continues, “Of course some people will feel uncomfortable about this type of research.” “But they should feel more uncomfortable as long as it is not there.”

Although empirical data is not available on the effects of child-sex-doll abuse, it is hard to imagine ethical research.

Advocates view the realistic sex doll as sex toys like any other, based on the bodies and sexes of children. Cantor, in an online conversation about child sex, tweeted: “I’m okay if latex sex toys are made and I don’t care how they look.” Cantor also responded to news that paedophiles were facing prison time for importing child sex Barbies. Thought-crimes against lax

Prostasia Foundation, a US-based organization, campaigns against child sex laws. It claims that child sex is illegal and misguided.

Advocates for child-sex dolls and robots are promoting them as a way to end child sexual abuse. David Levy stated, “It would preferable for paedophiles use robots as their sexuelle outlets than human children.” These advocates see paedophilia to be a sexual orientation that is not under the individual’s control. Cantor tweeted, “Child molestation can be a terrible crime. But experiencing sexual attraction that one cannot control is ethically neutral.” Moen and Sterri believe that paedophiles may not have control over their sexual preferences. Using a child sex robot or japanese sex doll might be the best strategy for them given their unfortunate circumstances.

Academic advocates of child sex toys even suggest that paedophiles should be provided with child sex toys to mimic child abuse.

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