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Best Time to Spend with Sex Dolls

It’s not easy to get the love doll you need if you’re not willing to spend a fortune. Millions of brands have emerged and are leading the way in the manufacture of such sex dolls. Honestly, the price tags on some of these sex dolls will make you want to add them to your wish list rather than buy them. At least until we show up.

These dolls are perfect in every way. They were a blessing in my grief and helped me recover when I lost my child. I can hug them, dress them, talk to them, and take care of them as if I were taking care of them. The built-in heating made me feel like a real kid again.

Honestly, the days he spends with sex dolls are usually the best time for him to get dressed, cuddle on the couch, and maybe watch a movie together. You know, that’s the fantasy of having a girlfriend like that. I have never had such an experience. Like other men, this condition is also due to complications during growth. I have so many fears in my life that it’s hard for real women. I had a breakdown a while back and spent about a month with Maria and it was fun. It’s like a middle ground – you have someone, but you know you really don’t have them. “

Many clients have asked us how to take care of their true love dolls, so we have collected some tips and methods to share with them. Remember, dolls are not real people and must be handled with care. The joints of the new doll may be a little stiff. So be careful when trying to move the doll’s limbs, as the joints will loosen after a few days. Read the instructions carefully. When you’re not using your doll, make sure to always put your doll back in a neutral, stress-free position with your arms at your sides and your legs closed.

If you really want to master the makeup skills of real silicone dolls, we will first search on the Internet and it will be clear. When preparing the material, first wipe your baby’s face clean without leaving too much dirt. It’s best to tie your hair together with plastic wrap so the color doesn’t fall into your hair. There are many similarities between live doll makeup tips and live doll makeup tips. We can apply foundation first, then eye sockets, then eyes or eyebrows, or we can outline the mouth.