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Before you buy a doll, please consider its weight.

Reputable dealers will offer an after-sales warranty and genuine dolls will last many years. While imitation dolls may be cheaper than real dolls, if the doll breaks or falls apart after a few weeks or months, it will cost you a lot more, and there won’t be any safety or health inspections. Although I don’t know who you are, please do not put your body parts into the big breasted sex doll on the black market.

Be sure to check the weight of the dolls, as some are very heavy. If you are not strong enough to bench press another person, consider the doll’s weight before purchasing. Personaly, I’m not a gym rat. When I received a doll weighing 100 pounds (7 stone/45 kg), I was not sure if I could safely put her in the unboxing area. I had difficulty holding her and storing her. It was difficult for me to pose for her photos.

Don’t be embarrassed if you make a mistake. They are as sexy as they come, but heavier thick sex doll may not be for you. It’s better to be informed than sorry. Please confirm the doll’s weight before making a commitment.

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