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Be the most popular sex doll brand in silicone dolls

Concerning the market’s future prospects, I am confident that: “In Japan the adult doll sex market is mature. In China there is still great potential for development. China is a country with a large population, so the market could be very attractive.

Concerning sales and uses, my ideas are: “Build a bbw sex dolls and high-end consumer group, so that friends can easily find a place to purchase sex dolls.” You can use it as a gift for single men, people with disabilities and two places of separation. It can also be used for medical purposes and modeling.

The wives of Dutch merchants often travel to sea, so they tend to stay in the country and spend long periods at sea. This is possible. To solve these problems, bamboo and rattan woven pillows can be used. These pillows are known as “Dutch wives”. Later, it was named “Ms. Bamboo.” This is the traditional affordable sex dolls.

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