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Be aware when purchasing an appropriate bra for your sexual doll!

Like an actual woman the TPE or silicone bbw sex doll must have a bra that is properly sized to ensure that it is a good fitting. While a woman with blood and flesh will tell you if the lingerie piece is causing discomfort or rubbing, a doll of sex must trust the judgement of its owner. But this is obviously not about comfort instead of preventing harm to the fabric.

If you are buying the right bra for your mini sex doll, it is important to remember that pieces of lingerie may create unsightly pressure marks on the soft and velvety TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or silicone. So, it is important to be sure your bra is fitted properly and is not too tight , and you should occasionally allow your sexy doll to go in a topless.

Alongside a proper fitting, it’s essential to consider the bra’s colorfastness. In general, your cheap sex doll can wear any material, including silk, cotton and latex, for instance. However, it is important to ensure that they don’t stain. Particularly synthetic fabrics with low-end prices and parts of cotton that have been dyed heavily (e.g. in black, red or dark blue) are prone to staining.

When dressing your sex doll in bras or any other clothing make sure you wash them and dry them completely. So that the skin of your doll will be flawless and you will not need to contend with unpleasant staining.

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