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Basement Adult Sex Shops In Switzerland

Jessica Sigerist, a Swiss sex toy dealer, thinks that sex toys can be too costly. She has an adult sex shop and organises a Christmas salon with erotic health themes.

Jessica’s adult sex shop shelves are well-stocked with sex toys and sex doll, realistic vaginabutts, mini sex doll torsos and vibrators, SM eroticwhippeds, and many other items.

Jessica enjoys her job. All products are clearly categorized, labeled and neatly placed on shelves. Her clients can be found in all parts of Switzerland, from Zurich to Oerlikon. Jessica calls her sex shop Untamed Love.

Internet celebrity in the world of sex toys

Jessica is active on social media with her account “ozialen”, responding to questions from fans about sex toys. After accumulating a lot of experience, she is now a well-known Internet celebrity, advocating for the elimination of shame and prejudice sexually, as well as feminism.

“There is no distinction between homosexuality or heterosexuality. It’s the love that counts. Most adults have had sex with someone, regardless of whether it was a man or woman.

Jessica, 35 years old, used to volunteer for youth welfare and health. Many adolescents have been hurt by their “sexual ignorance” and she has had to come in contact with them. She answers questions on sexuality and emotional distress via social media. To prevent the spread and transmission of diseases, she reminded young people to use condoms when they have sex together. She also found sex toys attractive to young people.

Jessica stated that she has been to many adult sex shops in the area. Some are not hygienic and are targeted at heterosexuals as well as able-bodied men. They are not comprehensive enough, I think. The prices are too high, so I decided to open my own adult-sex shop. “The business is doing well. It is full-time, and I have two part-time employees.

The market for sex toys is expanding rapidly

Jessica believes that cheap sex doll have become more popular, particularly among young people. Amana, a major Swiss sex ecommerce company, is growing rapidly over the past few years. It is based in Wallisellen. Alan Frei, the founder and marketing director, said that the Swiss sex industry went through three stages. First, it was a small shop in a corner, then it became a niche market of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, and now design, technology research and development are the key competitiveness of the brand.

“Fifty Shades of Grey is a landmark in the sex industry. After the movie, many people have tried to purchase the first high-quality, beautiful sex toys. Frey stated that technology will keep users current.”

The new crown epidemic that began in 2020 has made sex toys more popular. The rise in sex toys sales has been attributed to home quarantine. Amorana’s spring 2020 sales are up more than 300% over Spring 2019.

Sensuelle is another sex shop that is growing quickly. Claudia Sieber, general manager, stated that our online adult sex shop did very well during the quarantine period. It was performing just like before Christmas.

Look for areas that can help you develop your career skills

Jessica is now completely committed to her job. She is a strong advocate for confronting and talking about sexuality. Jessica and her co-workers post social media content about sexual health on Instagram. They also make videos to help women understand physiology and protect themselves from harm. Jessica stated that sexual education focuses on the prevention of disease transmission and contraception. There is not enough content on sexual pleasure, sexual communication, and sexual orientation.

Jessica was aware that she couldn’t represent the values of society today. Many people may not be able to understand or feel disgusted by their actions. She often gets negative comments on social media. Jessica smiled and said: Perhaps she is famous in the eyes many people. Even online platforms will remove accounts that are related to “sex”. Our account is not listed in search results if you search on Instagram for “Untamed Love”. .

Jessica supports the use of biodegradable products for sex. Jessica also stated that Instagram often reviews and deletes our Instagram posts. She believes that Instagram might have downgraded accounts.

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