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Sex Doll Buyer’s Guide-Find The Best Sex Doll Mall For You

The sex doll industry is now mixed, with uneven product quality. It is especially important to buy on a qualified sex doll mall. But for novices, the dazzling number of websites makes them not sure which website to trust and there are many choices. Fortunately, you found this guide, which is the best guide for buying sex dolls. let’s start.


ALDOLL provides a lot of high-quality sex dolls, which ensure that all sex dolls on sale are of the best quality.


elovedolls provides online services 24 hours a day, and any questions can be answered quickly. And they cooperate with a large number of factories to sell various types of sex dolls.


hydoll provides multiple languages to ensure that their website can be read without barriers. But be aware that all their prices are in U.S. dollars.


YOURDOLL is the largest online shop of realistic sex dolls that only provides high-quality real love dolls and 100% lifelike sex dolls. We are an authorized & verified sex doll vendor on The Doll Forum and we are always proud to provide high-quality products and outstanding customer service to help you make the right decision. we are an expert in managing the import, export, order, and delivery process of real sex dolls. At YOURDOLL, each sex doll will be thoroughly inspected before shipment to ensure that it meets the highest standards. Now, please allow us to create your dream partner for you!


There are many cheap and realistic sex dolls on gksexdoll. And the quality will not be bad. Many buyers will choose to buy back.


After the order is placed, it will take about 5-7 days to start producing this doll (the US stock is in stock and can be picked up faster).


Welcome to the World of Realistic Sex Dolls. When it comes to finding the Best Sex Dolls, you´ve landed on the right page! Joy Love Dolls is the leading supplier of Life Like Sex Dolls & Premium Sex Toys worldwide. We have the most realistic TPE & silicone sex dolls that you can find. Joy Love Dolls carries an incredible collection of 500+ realistic love dolls in all body types, sizes and genres. Joy Love Dolls offers the best customer experience, with a Best Price Guarantee and FREE sex doll delivery to almost everywhere. Shop for ultra realistic sex dolls, love dolls and a diverse selection of sex toys below, or customize real sex dolls to perfectly fit your preferences. Enjoy!


SEXDOLLNET has always had new sex dolls, and you can find surprises by checking it out from time to time.

The above are a few more formal websites that we have collected, and you can choose to buy them here. Please don’t buy on Aliexpress or Alibaba. Many buyers have found inconsistencies between the goods and the pictures after the purchase.


We are a professional sex doll supplier, committed to providing the most realistic sex dolls at affordable prices and high quality customer service to bring you the best experience.

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What should I do if the sex doll gets dirty accidentally ?

Many of the love dolls currently on sale are of high quality, focusing on the texture and appearance of real women. However, if you accidentally soil it, its attractiveness may be halved. Below I will explain in detail how to remove the stains once attached.

Use a special stain remover

If your love doll gets stained, there is a TPE-specific stain remover. There are silicon love dolls other than TPE, but there is no problem using them here as well. This stain remover is sold on mail-order sites that sell love dolls. When removing the stains, also prepare a cotton swab at home. Place a cotton swab in the stain remover container and immerse it in the drug. Then apply this drug directly to the spots.

・ Leave it as it is for a while

After applying the stain remover, leave it as it is for a while. This is to wait until the active ingredient penetrates the material and decomposes the dirt. How long you wait depends on the condition of the dirt. If it’s mild, it’s good to take about 10 seconds, and if it’s bad, it’s good to wait for about 1 minute just in case.

・ Wipe off dirt

If left unattended, use a cotton swab to wipe off any chemicals and dirt. At this time, use a clean swab instead of the cotton swab before soaking in the medicine. If the dirt is extensive, you may want to wipe it off with a clean cloth. If this doesn’t completely disappear, repeat from the beginning. Doing this a few times should gradually clean it up.

It is also important to keep it clean from daily life
Rather than cleaning the love doll after it has been spotted, regular maintenance is also necessary to keep it as clean as new. For everyday care, you can use the same items as our body wash, such as body soap. However, if you don’t want to put extra strain on your skin, it’s a good idea to use medieval or naturally derived ingredients that are gentle on your skin. We recommend body soap that even babies can use.

・ Especially for cleaning around the vagina
In the case of love dolls, the area around the vagina is easy to get dirty even in the whole body. If semen is left as it is, stains and discoloration are likely to occur. Therefore, you should carefully clean your vagina every time you use it. If you plan to use it often, it’s a good idea to buy a vaginal washer. Simply put soapy water in it and push it toward your vagina, so it’s easy to use. Vaginal cleaners are sold at a reasonable price, so you can easily get them.

Be careful of discoloration

Color transfer due to discoloration is the most common cause of stains on love dolls. Of these, the one that you should be especially careful about is the color transfer from your clothes. Of particular note is stockings. If you leave the black one as it is, it is easy to get stains. If you really want to put on black stockings, bite something in between instead of direct. If you wear skin-colored underwear, you don’t have to worry about how it looks.

・ Dark clothes are NG

When dressing, you should avoid using too dark colors. If you really want to wear it, it is recommended to wash it and let it fade before you wear it. If the color still fades after washing several times, it is recommended that you do not wear the costume. Also, use light-colored underwear such as white for the underwear that comes into direct contact with the skin.

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Is it immoral to own a true love doll?

For a long time, people have been debating whether it is unethical to buy and store real doll and other sex toys. We are not here to judge a person by the desire for sex or sex toys, but to understand and understand whether storing a love doll is good or bad. Let’s check the discussion.

Depends on your attitude

We all want meaningful sex. This is where you need sex dating to stimulate your senses and sexual emotions. But we can always find sex partners. I was not lucky enough to be able to do it. Some of us even have social phobia. This is where sex doll comes in handy. They can be appropriate treatments to overcome sexual defects and fears. The comfort brought by Aiwawa is invisible to most men and women in real people. Couples use sex dolls to add interest to their sex life.

You can choose to customize

From tall to thin, from fat to thick, from short to delicate, big breasts, big breasts, you can choose the sex doll you need to customize. Some lover dolls have dildos, some real dolls have vibrating vaginas, some are inflatable and molded, and some have virgin openings and bundled fetish devices. Sex dolls are not judgemental, so you don’t have to be ashamed of your sexual desires. This is why it is better to own a sex doll for a sex partner than to own a real sex doll.

Why do you need a love doll?

There are two versions. Some men and women have sexual dysfunction and they do not want to talk to other people. Therefore, they hired love doll to satisfy their sexual desires and needs. There are many people who want sex dolls because they have time to date and wait for mating. Regardless of your choice, we respect it and be required. This is not allowed.

Sex becomes more interesting

Whether it is meaningful sex or vile sex, every time you have sex, you want to try something new or different. Aiwawa is here again. They will help you realize your desires and desires, and no one will judge you. RealDoll works the way you like. There are almost no problems.

Enrich your life

You may be single, married, open-minded, or just looking for sex. When the sexual impulse is strong, accompany the love doll can help you add interest to your life. And because of the use of very high-quality materials, the texture is very deep! Get love dolls and enjoy intimate moments!

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How should I put makeup on my sex doll?

For many people, sex doll is more than just a doll.
She (or him!) is also a beloved partner, best friend or ideal lover.
Many sex doll owners are challenging makeup and dressing to give them more beauty and personality. This is very common.
And the sex dolls will have their makeup removed after they are used for a long time, because they are not painted with paint trays.
How to fully display the beauty of sex dolls is in your own hands. And after putting on makeup on the sex doll, you will be very proud! Because you created them as lifelike.

First of all, we should understand the basic knowledge of the following makeup.
There are many types of cosmetics on the market, which are dazzling. And for people who don’t wear makeup regularly or even before. It is simply a big problem.

There are many makeup videos on YouTube, so you can easily learn simple and practical methods. With a little practice, you can maximize her potential and create a fantastic and charming look for almost all situations.

In addition, when sex dolls wear lipstick and eye shadow, their temperament will change greatly. You don’t need to buy every type of cosmetics, and you can pay attention to some mini-packed things.

Sex doll remove makeup and cleansing method
Before you start again, you must first remove the messy makeup. If you want to set the makeup as it is, it will be even more dirty.

Plant-based cleansing oil is a good choice for Aiwa makeup remover. Because it does not contain silicon and alcohol, it will not adversely affect the material of sex doll. Natural oil ingredients also oil the skin of sex doll. You also do skin care when you are crazy. In addition, prepare good quality silk towels (cotton cotton) and non-fluffy non-alcoholic wipes. Now you have all the tools to remove the makeup of Aiwa! Let us learn how to do this now.
Squeeze a sufficient amount of cleansing oil into a piece of gauze, and gently wipe the face of love doll with the gauze. Leave it in the eyes for a few seconds to allow the cleansing oil to dissolve the makeup properly, and then wipe it off to make it easier to remove. The effect of oil on eyelashes makes it easier to remove. Repeat the above steps over and over again. If you feel that the makeup remover is already very clean, use a non-alcoholic wet tissue to wipe off the remaining oil on your face.
Now you are ready to make a love doll!

Introduce the basic makeup steps
Below, we will explain in detail the general process of making love dolls. If you want to put on makeup but don’t know how to do it, please follow the steps below.

・First of all, from the basics

Use powder foundation. Take the foundation with a soft brush and gently brush it on the face of the doll. If you don’t need foundation, you can skip this step.

・Next is eye makeup

When applying makeup, it is best to start with the eyes. Draw an eyeliner to accentuate your eyes. Basically, the upper part should be light brown and the lower part should be light pink. Use a darker eye shadow such as black to draw an eyeliner on the edge of the eye. By doing this, you can improve your vision. If you want your eyes to look mottled, it is also recommended to wear eyelashes. If used repeatedly, the adhesive strength will decrease. It will be better if you apply it again with adhesive. How to apply eyelashes is explained in detail in the main body of the general maintenance guide for the cleaning and maintenance of love doll.

・Draw eyebrows

After finishing the eye makeup, it’s time to draw the eyebrows. Everyone has different tastes for eyebrows, and how to make them depends on whether the love doll is neat or girly. But if you want a natural look, use dark brown eyeshadow. The current trend is to draw the eyebrows thicker. If the old gal is good, you can feel it with thin eyebrows. Use a thin eyebrow pencil to add a touch of flu to your eyebrows, it will look very real!

・ Finished with lipstick

Finally, I put on lipstick and started to finish the makeup. When applying lipstick, prepare a large and small makeup brush. First, use a small makeup brush to gently apply red on the lips. Then use a large makeup brush to apply it to your lips. If you want your cheeks to look a little red, try applying your cheeks. If you use blush, the trick is to apply it lightly. If you apply too much, the cheeks will change color and the makeup will be unnatural, so be careful.

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How to choose a sex doll?

1.Choose by price

Choose a love doll that you can afford. We don’t want our customers to be in debt for buying a sex doll in the next few months. There are many prices for love dolls. First, consider the upper limit of the price you can accept.

As I have said many times, the price of a lover doll depends on the material, height and body type. Generally speaking, cheap sex dolls are recommended to lover dolls for beginners. The weight is moderate and there are many cute girls made of high-quality TPE materials. Even if you regret it the first time you try it, it is not a price to go bankrupt, and it is a more affordable option.
Of course, if you are not worried about money, you are free to choose your favorite love doll. Every love doll has a customized item, so please add the functions you want and customize it into a more ideal female image. You can choose hair, eye color, skin tone, etc. according to your preferences.

2.Determined by the material

Love dolls are usually made of silicone or TPE and sold. These two materials have their own merits, after all, the purchase must be decided according to the customer’s requirements.

If you don’t understand anything, you can read my other article:
The advantages and disadvantages of silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls

3.Choose according to the purpose of buying love dolls

Lover dolls have various uses besides having sex. It can be said that the purpose of buying varies from person to person. If you just consider buying a love doll as a sexual partner, it would be too wasteful. Aiwawa can not only exude sexual desire, but also become a source of soul and give people a sense of satisfaction.

・ Night buddies

Can’t get along with a woman because I know someone. I miss her. You cannot have satisfactory sex with your lover or wife. I cannot leave customs. This love doll will solve all these problems. No matter how shy you are, you can be with Aiwa every day, and unlike humans, you don’t have to worry about disappearing suddenly. Even if you don’t spend a lot of money to go to customs, Aiwawa can satisfy all your desires every night. Having sex with Aiwawa can be a pervert that a real woman can’t do, or it can have selfish sex to make you feel satisfied with sex.

As you continue to have sex with Aiwawa, your sex skills will steadily improve so that you can gain confidence in sex. For a man, it is a dream to enjoy as much sex as possible with his ideal female.

・ Photography

People who like photography and often go to take photos with idols can enjoy the fun of photographing ideal women at home without leaving home. Maid outfits, uniforms, etc., you can wear as many outfits as you like. In addition, unlike the mannequin, the pose of each photo can be changed. An exclusive album full of dreams for Love Dolls will be an irreplaceable treasure.

・Dating with sex dolls

Sex dolls For men who are far away from women, loving dolls will not be sexual partners, but beloved lovers. Put your love doll on your favorite clothes, put it in a wheelchair, go to various places, take pictures together outside, and have fun, just like a real date with her. With a date that you could not date before, you can enjoy a love you have never had before. Lover dolls have a small financial burden for dating, so it is an advantage to enjoy romance at a low cost. Your date with Aiwawa may be the best time you have ever had. Read more: Introducing 5 recommended items that are relaxed and romantic with True Love Dolls

・Accompany as family

For a man who lives alone with the sex doll family, some people may feel upset that no one is at home when they return home. You can get rid of this anxiety by buying love dolls. Staying at home gives you peace of mind, because Aiwa will be waiting for you. I think the sense of security that someone is waiting for you will give you peace of mind. Even for men who are not good at establishing relationships with women, a lover doll can always bring you a sense of security. Read more: The benefits of choosing a lover doll compared to a real woman!

4.Determined by factors such as taste and intuition

For example, if the sexual goal is cute or loli and other girls’ love dolls, you can choose according to your taste.
For the purpose of masturbation, you can make the child (love doll) naked, or you can use it to fantasize and simulate clothes playing.
In addition, based on your intuition, you might think “I want this love doll” and choose such a pattern.
Of course, there are also people who are not only for sex, but also for the desire of “this child is super cute…”, who will decide whether the visual effect of the love doll is good or bad.
For artistic purposes, you are looking for an elaborate love doll.
People’s tastes are different, the focus of choosing a love doll will also be different.

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There are so many types of sex dolls, can I choose one at will?

The answer is negative.I believe that many people are buying sex dolls for the first time. After waiting for a long time, they opened the express delivery excitedly. However, it didn’t take long for it to be left unused. The following are the types of love dolls I have compiled, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1.Depends on the size

Aiwa comes in many sizes. The size of each part of the body depends on the size of the person’s height, weight, muscles, eyes, nose and head, as well as the size of the chest and buttocks.

When choosing a love doll, you must first choose your height. There are various types of love dolls, from 65cm sex dolls to 170cm sex dolls.
At this time, you naturally have to choose according to your own taste, but the taller the heavier. And sex dolls cannot adjust their center of gravity like real people. If you buy a heavy sex doll, you should be prepared to move a big rock. And the sex doll is a private item, and there should be very few people calling friends to move it together. And in normal life, we must hide it well.

Next is body shape. Some are slim models of the same height, while others are chubby. In addition, please choose the size of your breasts according to your taste, such as generous, love doll or small breasts.

In the introduction of sex dolls, various data of sex dolls will be clearly marked. Be sure to look carefully before buying.

2.The skin color of the sex doll

Aiwawa has a variety of different skin tones. You can choose from whitening love dolls to tan or ethnic differences.
In addition to skin color, there are many options such as hair color, eye color, etc. Please choose one by one.
You can choose any of them according to your personal taste without any problem.

3.Depends on the application

There are many options for using Aiwa. For example, there are two types of vaginas: one-piece and detachable. One-piece non-removable, detachable and removable for cleaning. I think the detachable type is easier to clean for people who often use sexual functions.

You can also add paid options, such as standing functions. These can be purchased according to the actual situation.

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What is a love doll ?

Because sex dolls are about the same size as women’s average, many people think they are adult women at first sight. There are two kinds of lover dolls, one with female genitals, which feels like a real person, and the other with holes, allowing you to paste a hole to enjoy fake sex. Depending on the type, there are lover dolls that can enjoy playing with the mouth, anus, and female genitals. Being able to play with a lover’s doll without hesitation, even if a real woman has no resistance, is a big advantage.

-Realistic touch
Not only looks, but also feels like a real woman. Many are made of soft and smooth materials, even if it is a bit cold at first, if you keep holding them, they will gradually heat up to your body temperature. The weight is similar to that of women, so when you hug you, you will feel like you are really holding a woman.

-Flexible joints
You can freely move the joints of the love dolls currently on sale. It can be in any position, whether it is spreading its legs or crawling on all fours. However, its joints are also made to simulate human joints and cannot be broken off forcefully, otherwise it may cause irreversible consequences.

In reality, it is difficult to find a woman who exactly matches your imagination, and it may be difficult for you to tolerate their rejection. But sex dolls will never refuse you, they only need you to buy them, and they can belong to you forever. When you are tired of playing with them, you can also choose to discard them, no one will be responsible for you. And there are many types of sex dolls, some are cute and some are handsome. You just need to choose your favorite on the store’s sales page. The biggest advantage of this lover doll is that you can easily buy women with your favorite face and style. But because the prices and materials vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, you can choose to buy your favorite lover within your abilities.

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Isn’t it sex to love dolls? Love doll fashion guide

When buying a love doll, I think many people are considering buying it, not only for sexual purposes, but also for ornamental purposes. The most important thing to decorate love dolls is “how to make love dolls fashionable”. In order to make Aiwa fashionable, we need to consider clothes that suit everyone. Is there anything else to pay attention to when enjoying the fashion of lover dolls? This time, I will explain the fashion of love dolls that you can enjoy besides sex.

1.What is love doll fashion?

For those who photograph love dolls for viewing purposes, it is important to change the clothes and makeup of love dolls. Depending on the love doll, there are clothes and makeup that suit you, and there are clothes and makeup that are not suitable for you, so I think you need to make various trials and mistakes. Aiwa Fashion is not only more memorable taking pictures, but also a date with Aiwawa. By enjoying the fashion of Aiwa, you can not only have a sense of familiarity with Aiwa, but also make your leisure and daily life more sensitive. I will explain what are the things to enjoy the fashion of love dolls.

1-1. Love doll wig
By changing the hairstyle of Aiwa, you can completely change the appearance and atmosphere. Love doll wigs are very important, because the clothes you wear depend not only on your hairstyle, but also on your hair color. Choose your favorite cosplay wig and stick it on a love doll, it will make you feel different. By changing the wig easily, it is easier to decide what to wear for the day, so I think it is a good idea to have several types.

1-2. Love Babydoll
Aiwa has a wide range of sizes, ranging from models with slim figures to petite babies, so it is important to choose clothes that suit the atmosphere. Lover dolls are usually smaller than real women, so you must be careful about their size. For the clothes of Aiwawa, it is recommended to refer to the S size, M size and L size of children’s clothing. It can be said that the sense of size of clothes is very important for enjoying the fashion of love dolls. Pay attention to the size of your love dolls and change into your favorite clothes to enjoy a wide range of fashionable love dolls.

1-3. Love doll makeup
By putting makeup on the love doll, you can make it look like a real woman. When putting on makeup, emphasize the eyes and try to eliminate puffiness. Use eyeliner to make your eyes clear, and use eye shadow to create a deep tone. By attaching eyelashes, you can make your eyes look mottled, which is closer to a real woman. It can be said that as long as you draw eyebrows according to the atmosphere of your eyes, you can create facial expressions. Finish with a brush, apply lipstick carefully, and you’re done. By changing the color of eye shadow and lipstick, it is easy to change the atmosphere of the face, and you can also enjoy fashion through makeup.

2.Precautions for choosing love babydoll

When choosing a love babydoll, pay attention to mini sex doll and anime sex doll. There is no problem if it is a lover doll that looks like a real woman. It is called a true lover. However, due to factors such as weight, the frame of the lover doll mentioned above is often made smaller than that of a real person. Because the skeleton is smaller than it actually is, it is difficult to find clothes that fit well, so you need to be careful when choosing clothes. For the little lover dolls and the cartoon lover dolls, I will explain how to be careful when choosing clothes.

2-1. Mini Sex Doll
Since the skeleton is smaller than a real female, petite love dolls usually have narrower shoulders. Xiao Ai doll’s shoulder width is very narrow, which limits the clothing you can choose. We recommend that you carefully measure the size of the clothes, not the clothes worn by real women, and then choose from girls’ clothes. For girls’ clothes, there are very few choices of clothes, so if you have clothes that you really want to wear, custom-made clothes are essential. There are a limited number of costumes for petite love dolls, so be sure to keep this in mind when choosing a costume. There are also unique clothes for petite love dolls, so you might enjoy wearing clothes that real dolls can’t wear.

2-2. Anime Sex Doll
It can be said that the characteristics of anime-shaped love dolls are small and big breasts. It can be said that real women, because of their small size and almost no big breasts, are really rare. I find it difficult to find suitable clothes for the anime-shaped love dolls, depending on the size of the shoulder width and bust. If you have clothes you want to wear, you can make them quickly, but it also requires money and time. If you prioritize fit, you will want to choose larger clothes that fit your chest, but your choice will be narrower. If you are looking for cute outfits, you can choose various outfits from loose and fluffy outfits such as costumes in cosplay shops or pajamas. In terms of enjoying the fashion of love dolls, anime-style love dolls may be difficult.

3.Precautions for enjoying love doll fashion

In order to enjoy the fashion of Aiwa, I think many people want to change clothes and have fun.
There are a few things to pay attention to when choosing clothes. It is “clothes discoloration”. Discoloration of clothes
It will not only change the appearance of the clothes, but also have a great influence on the wearing of Aiwawa. I will explain the effect of discoloration on love dolls and the precautions for wearing love doll.

3-1. Color transfer of sex doll
Aiwawa must be careful to bleed because the material used for the skin separates and the oil floats from the surface. Bleeding is used to dye clothes and float them on the surface. The raised dyed particles will be deposited on the skin of the adhering doll, and the color will be transferred to the skin of the doll as it is. Please note that certain dyes used in clothing are compatible with bleeding and are easy to adapt to the skin of Aiwawa. It is important not to choose clothes that are prone to discoloration, but it is important to take thorough hemostasis measures. Bleeding will not only cause color transfer, but also damage the skin of Aiwawa. Apply baby powder frequently, keep it properly, and take measures to prevent bleeding.

3-2. Don’t choose clothes that are easy to fade
When washing clothes, have you noticed that different clothes have colors? This happens when the dyes used in clothes are dissolved by detergent and the dissolved dyes adhere to the washed clothes. Wearing clothes that are easy to fade on your love doll also runs the risk of letting the dye that has melted on your love doll’s skin. Love doll bleeds are more compatible with certain dyes, so some are easier to adhere to. Dyes and hemostatic oil mixed into the skin of the lover’s doll can also be harmful to the skin of the lover’s doll. It is important to be careful not to choose clothes that are prone to discoloration. The clothes that are easy to fade are dark clothes and cotton cloth, so it is important not to choose these clothes as much as possible.

customized sex dollsCategoriesAll Sex Doll Blogs Note For Beginners

Advantages and disadvantages of various types of love doll breasts

1.standard solid breasts

Advantages of breast enhancement
・Beautiful shape
・High durability
The best is the shape of the chest. It is solid, so the shape of the chest can be kept beautiful like a virtual character such as an animation or a game. On the contrary, hollow breasts and jelly breasts will feel a little dripping. Just like human aging, it will become distorted and contracted over time. Therefore, compared with these two types, strong breasts are always in perfect condition. And it is very flexible, if you like this element, you will be very satisfied.

So I think full breasts are suitable for those who value breast shape. It is as beautiful as a virtual human and will not deform over time.

Disadvantages of solid breasts
・ hard
・ Unreal
As I explained in the feature section, it is more difficult than the other two types of breasts, so for those who pursue reality and value realism, I think this type will be 90% regrettable. Most love doll beginners will use this standard breast, normal breast type when buying dolls, because most love doll beginners refer to solid breasts as standard breasts or normal breasts as a basic customization option, mistakenly thinking that “standard women are natural breast”. But this type is usually non-standard breasts.

Advantages of Jelly Breast

Advantages of breast enhancement

・ Soft
・ bouncy
・ Kneading comfort is close to the real thing
It is the most real breast, with tough elasticity and soft hollow breasts. And the feeling of rubbing is close to real breasts, soft and moist, and you can feel plump plums. This is an indescribable experience.

Disadvantages of Jelly Breast
・ Heavy weight
・High price
・Low temperature freeze hardening
Since the jelly breast itself is already perfect, the drawbacks are even more external. In winter, the temperature in Japan is very cold, so it is common for the jelly chest to become a little stiff when there is no one and no heating system.

And when putting jelly in the breast, the weight is naturally heavier than the other two breasts, and the bigger the cup, the heavier it is. Secondly, the cups in the jelly box are also limited. Can’t choose a big bra cup like a melon ball. Another thing is the high price. It is usually set as a paid option on the product page. However, depending on the mail order store and manufacturer, it may be free.

This is the pros and cons of loving doll breasts. Meiai Doll, which sells high-end products, not only pays attention to pre-sale service, but also pays attention to after-sales service. Customer feedback is the ladder to improve our business. Enthusiastically answering various questions for customers is also the responsibility of a successful online mail order store.

According to our sales experience, some customers regret that “his doll is better than a friend’s doll” after purchasing the product. Due to the lack of knowledge and experience in breast type selection, about half of the people buy love dolls that are different from their own purposes and uses. If you have experience with breast types, it is no wonder that you have purchased the product and will never regret it. Don’t hesitate to buy your favorite sex doll accurately!

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Buy sex dolls and enjoy realistic SM games by yourself! …But beware of games that are too spoiled or inappropriate!

There are all kinds of people in the world.

In addition, some people have troubles such as “recent sex life is very old-fashioned” and “want to play more exciting”.

Among various habits, “SM play” is probably for those who want to “harm others”, or it may be for those who want to break through conventional sex.

SM gameplay has a wide range of crazy gameplay. Although the barriers to the full game using various tools are high, the gentle SM gameplay using household tools is relatively easy to challenge. Yes.

This is why anyone can try it easily, but I still feel that this is a “lunatic game”, so even if I try to try, my partner often refuses to do it.

However, for men who have the dream of “I really want to challenge SM games!”, I suggest trying to play SM games with Iwawa.

After all, Aiwa will not hate or refuse what you want to do.

Therefore, if you have all the tools, you can enjoy any crazy game as you like!

Therefore, this time we will introduce the typical SM games you can play with Ewa and the precautions when actually playing SM games with Ewa.

What SM can I play with my lover doll? Introduction from beginners to advanced users!

There are many types of SM games, from games that can be easily completed to games that require comprehensive tools.

First of all, we will introduce some SM gameplay for beginners and advanced players, even Aiwa can challenge.

〇 SM game for beginners① “Blindfolded Game”

“Blindfolded Game” is a game that allows women to take away their sight and enjoy their reactions when they are at a loss.

In addition, for men with sexual habits, hiding a part of a female face will produce different charms and new stimuli, so even if you cooperate with Aiwa, you can change the visual effect, so it can be said to be effective.

There are products such as “rubber eye masks” that cover the entire body of SM or “old masks” that cover the entire area above the neck of women, but they are like the “sleeping masks” that are usually used when sleeping. Even things, as long as they can cover their eyes firmly, “playing with the eyes blindfolded” is no problem.

In other words, if you cover your eyes with a towel like a hairband at home, the “blindfolded game” will work, so it can be said to be one of the SM games that are very easy to challenge.

〇 SM Elementary Game ② “Limited Game”

The “restraint game” is to restrain a woman’s hands and feet and deprive her of her physical freedom.

Because a woman who is bound to her body cannot move freely, even if she touches a part that she doesn’t like to touch, or a part that she feels too much, she can’t resist it. Seeing her embarrassment and mood, she will be excited. It can be said to be one of the dramas.

It can be said that the “game of restraint” is a process of restricting and depriving the body of freedom and enjoying the reaction. Therefore, the level of excitement may not be good for a lover doll opponent who cannot enjoy the reaction.

There are also “handcuffs” and “legcuffs” selling all-around SM games, but it is also effective to tie your wrists and ankles with a towel or tie, so this is also a game that can be easily challenged.

〇SM games for advanced players① “Wax play”

“Candle Game” is a method of dropping candles on a woman’s skin to make her feel heat, pain and tenderness.

You may have disaster relief candles or Buddhist altars at home, but we do not recommend using these candles because the temperature of the melted wax is too high and there is a risk of burns.

The best way to safely enjoy the “candle game” is to SM play the “low temperature candle”. There are skills in playing games, such as using lotion to relieve wax height and heat. It is easy for beginners not to touch it because it is necessary.

〇SM game for advanced players ②”Bind game”

There is a part similar to the “binding game” as an SM game introduced to beginners, but the “binding game” adds “beautiful appearance”.

The whole body of a woman is tied up with rope or rope, but there are many ways to tie it, such as the famous “tortoiseshell tie”, “crab tie”, “agula tie” and so on.

Of course, you need to learn and learn skills to have a strong and beautiful bondage.

Especially the lover doll, which has a physical feeling similar to that of human beings, is very suitable for people who want to learn bundling skills seriously.

When playing SM with Ewa, be careful not to force yourself, and don’t pose unreasonable!

We released 4 kinds of SM dramas that can be played with Ewa.

However, there are some things to keep in mind when enjoying these dramas with Ewa.

The first is the “blindfolded play” and the “bundled play”, but if you tighten your Eva’s body in these plays, it may leave traces of restraint.

Even if it leaves only traces, the body material may tear from this part after a period of time.

No matter how hard you screw it, it won’t hurt or hurt, so it may be difficult to understand, but you must tighten it lightly, not too tight.

Next is the “candle play”, but among the love dolls, the “TPE” love doll is not so resistant to heat.

Therefore, if the hot wax is dropped, the heat may melt or deform the material.

Even if you play SM with “low temperature candles”, the temperature of the wax is between 40°C and 45°C, which may be higher depending on your suspension method, so the possibility of deformation still exists.

Those who want to avoid the transformation of love dolls should give up the candle game.

Finally, with regard to “binding games”, like “blindfold games” and “constraint games”, if the body of Aiwa is pulled too tightly, it will leave traces and the material may tear from there.

In addition, I think hemp rope is often used in restraint games, but hemp rope usually has a rough surface. If it rubs strongly with the doll during the restraint process, it may become a small scratch.

In order to avoid these scratches, you need to be as gentle and restrained as possible to avoid rubbing the skin of your love doll.