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Advantages and disadvantages of various types of love doll breasts

1.standard solid breasts Advantages of breast enhancement・Beautiful shape・Elasticity・High durabilityThe best is the shape of the chest. It is solid, so the shape of the chest can be kept beautiful like a virtual character such as an animation or a game. On the contrary, hollow breasts and jelly breasts will feel a little dripping. Just like […]

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Buy sex dolls and enjoy realistic SM games by yourself! …But beware of games that are too spoiled or inappropriate!

There are all kinds of people in the world. In addition, some people have troubles such as “recent sex life is very old-fashioned” and “want to play more exciting”. Among various habits, “SM play” is probably for those who want to “harm others”, or it may be for those who want to break through conventional […]

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Inadvertently hurt the owner and the love doll! ? Points to pay attention to when living with Ewa

Before buying a love doll, many men are excited about the exciting and colorful life that is coming. However, when you actually buy and start using it, you may encounter difficulties in unexpected places, feel sad, and say “Oh, this should be…”. Especially for men who are accustomed to dealing with love dolls, if you […]