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Are sex dolls safe?

Even though our company is referred to as flat chest sex doll people often ask if it’s okay to possess a sex model and also if they are safe. In short, yes , sex dolls are secure.

1. There is no risk of becoming pregnant.

Sex dolls are secure for a variety of reasons. However, one of the best security features of a sex model is the fact that it is virtually impossible for a mini sex doll be pregnant. Although it may sound obvious, this is an important advantage of an sexually explicit doll. Unplanned pregnancy can be a problem in a normal human relationship and could alter the course of your life you didn’t anticipate. If you’re using a doll for sex, there is no danger of pregnancies and there is no requirement to use an contraceptive.

2. There is no risk of contracting sexually transmitted disease

One of the greatest dangers of sharing a sexual relationship with another person is the chance of contracting an infection that is transmitted through sexual contact or infection. Sex dolls eliminate the risk completely (providing that you don’t allow your cheap sex doll to be shared with any other person)

3. Can lower the risk of developing prostate cancer.

Believe it or that the more orgasms you go through, the less chance to develop prostate cancer by 22 percent

You can clearly see, there are many reasons to owning sexually explicit dolls are not just safe, but also beneficial to your health. To find out how authentic our realistic sex dolls look, watch this video of an sex doll we sell on our site.

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