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Antibacterial Soap To Horoughly Clean The Pores Of Sex Dolls

Silicone vaginal, oral and anal care. Every time you use it in your bedroom, shower, or tub, you should thoroughly clean the pores of your silicone doll with a mild antibacterial soap. When cleaning the doll’s mouth, it is recommended to remove the doll’s head and take it under the shower. Then remove the shower head and rinse the inside of her mouth with a concentrated stream of water.

Once her mouth is rinsed, use the soap to place your index and middle fingers in her mouth, reaching her entire mouth as safely as possible. When you’re done, rinse your mouth again and repeat as needed. Silicone drying tips: Try to avoid rubbing with a towel when drying the doll, especially if it has a surreal paint or a smooth matte finish. A good option is to blot with a towel until dry.

Be sure to dry the love doll’s mouth thoroughly to keep it from getting wet. To dry her little holes, we recommend the paper towel technique: fold a few paper towels into a cylinder or rectangle and place the paper towels in all her damp little holes. Wait a few minutes for the paper towel to absorb the moisture. After a few minutes, replace the paper towels with new dry paper towels and repeat the process.

Usually doing this twice is enough to dry out the holes in the pupae. However, to be on the safe side, make a third round of tissues and keep them in her mouth, removing them only before smal sex doll. When using the tissue technique, it is best to keep the doll in a standing position and allow gravity to pull the water down so the tissue can absorb the water. Be very careful not to let her fall. To be safe, have them stand in the corner of the room with their backs in the corner.

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