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Yuri Tolochko, a bodybuilder and muscular man from Kazakhstan, fell madly in love with the real flat chest sex doll “Margo”. He held a wedding ceremony in the 18th month of his relationship. He was wearing a handsome suit and tie, and gently put the wedding ring on the bride hands, passionately kisses the beautiful teen sex doll partner, and dances with her arms around each other, with a happy smile on her face. Yuri Tolochko held a grand wedding ceremony with this anime sex doll last month. He originally planned to spend Christmas together sweetly, but he recently revealed that he broke Margo and sent this Doll to another city for repairs. I hope Margo can recover soon to him. According to the “New York Post” report, Tolochko self-identifies as a pansexual.

 He fell in love after meeting Margot in a nightclub last year and held a wedding after 18 months of getting along. However, he recently revealed sadly that Margot He ruined Christmas (Orthodox Christmas is January 7th, the most important holiday in Kazakhstan) can not be celebrated together.

Tolochko said that he started to be jealous of Margo after marriage, and he didn’t want others to see her after the wedding. “Maybe I’m too selfish, and I don’t even post about her on IG”, but he also said that this is advantage of cheap sex doll, “Even if I treat her like this, she won’t mind.”

Tolochko previously revealed that he loves to play SM, and that both he and this mini sex doll can afford it, and praised Margot for “doing things that normal people can’t do”, but he did not reveal why this time. Margo will break and just say “probably broke by me, repairing it in another city now”. Tolochko originally planned to have a steak dinner with Margot at home, order some sushi, and invite a few friends to celebrate together. He is now very worried that Margo will not be able to return to him before the long holiday, “she can recover., is our best gift.”

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