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An inflatable doll of sex is not necessary for the entity.

You can divide inflatable dolls into these 3 types

1. Inflatable dolls of any kind. Inflating makes ordinary inflatable dolls. The volume of the doll is approximately the same size as an adult after it has been inflated. Although the body is elastic and soft, the skin is made of hard plastic leather. The appearance is also very rough and lacking in beauty. It can only approximate the human structure.

2. A young sex doll does not look the same as an inflatable doll. The entire body of the sex toy is made from silicone rubber and TPE material. The entire body of the sex toy is very similar in appearance to a human skin. It is as large as life.

3. The doll’s interior does not require to be inflated. Soft materials like silicone rubber are used to make the skin and muscles of the entire body. It has mechanical bones inside, which allow the doll to assume many human-like body positions. It is extremely similar to real people, with some dolls even better than real people.

Inflatable dolls are usually made with reference figures of girls. japanese sex dolls are designed with anus, vagina and open mouth so that men can insert sticks into the holes and pull them in to create pleasure and orgasm.

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