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How do you handle sexual addiction?

According to the latest medical terminology the term is “sexual impulse control disorder or hypophilia” kind of forced sexual sex (rape is another type of conduct that compulsively). A realistic sexual doll “We get a lot of people asking three breasts,” Graham says. Graham in a neutral tone. “This is not something we do for the moment […]

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How to Care for A TPE Sex Doll

Many doll owners place their dolls on their feet (if they have standing Feet) and then lean them against a wall cushioned to store them. Personally, I do not think this is a suitable option for storage over the long term as it may cause knee joint damage to your doll. However, some owners have no issues […]

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Is Softsoap Bad for Cleaning Silicone Sex Dolls?

Particularly now that sex doll manufacturers are developing super practical dolls, and in the near future, we’ll have sex dolls that look like real people with artificial intelligence, which will offer more human-like feeling.Is Softsoap good for Sex Doll Cleaning? However, the truth is that dolls with sex are a popular choice in the present […]

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The real adult sex and the euphoria you feel from an orgasm experience will never be replaced by other feeling

Sex dolls can add a lot of fun to your sex lifestyle. Since the beginning the sex industry is a vital aspect to the daily lives of males women, men and everybody else. It’s not just about building an entire family, everyone is looking for the joy that it brings. The real tiny sex dolls as well as […]