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The Tips of Love Doll with Standing Feet

 Realistic love dolls with standing feet have become increasingly popular among adult toy enthusiasts. These dolls provide a more lifelike experience, allowing users to interact with them in various positions, including standing. However, using love dolls with standing feet can be a challenge if you don’t know how to maintain and position them properly. In […]

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Marry a Love Doll?

A man legally marries a sex toy doll, as 2020 is the official year for wack sex toys. After 18 months of relationship, real man Yuri Tolochko married Margo, a blonde sex doll. We offer quality products that appeal to sexually adventurous people who are open to trying new things. We have something for everyone, […]

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 This is the idea of makeup on a sexy doll

The logistics involved in international shipping have been severely affected by the inability to find suitable flights between Australia and the manufacturer. Shipping realistic sex dolls takes only a few days in normal days. In the last few months, however, dolls have been expected to be waiting up to seven days between connecting flights. Mini […]