Aldoll sex dolls are a great choice

Aldoll sex dolls are a great choice.

Many websites offer teen sex doll for sale. Many of these websites are either based abroad or “drop shippers,” i.e., they are not local sellers. They post pictures of dolls that they have not seen or touched from manufacturers they have never met. They don’t know what they are doing.

Sometimes a sex toy online works, and sometimes it doesn’t. These are some problems that you might encounter.

You may not see the doll in the pictures that you see online. Anyone can copy and paste a photo.

You may receive a doll that is not of the highest quality.

It is possible to wait for weeks while the doll is ordered from an overseas manufacturer (usually China) by the direct shipper. The doll then goes through customs where it might get stuck.

It is possible for the mini sex doll to be damaged during transit.

You may not have access to customer support, so you’re left with no or very little advice about how to store, clean, maintain, or care for your doll.

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