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After having sex with the doll, he was able to continue his sex life.

These dolls have never met the sexual needs men from the very beginning. After Howard Stern streamed his sex on his radio show, the company’s performance soared. Every year, the company sells 200-300 high-end, customized sex dolls to the rest of the world.

Most companies produce sex dolls that are for women. A few make dolls for men. The data shows that only 10% of all sales are for male dolls. “As an artist, the female body is more appealing to me, so my theme is also expanded. My inspiration is the perfect sex doll. For living women, it is not necessary to worry about this doll and try to imitate it. Do I really want these dolls replacing real women? No.

There are actually female sex toys that women will buy. They will often buy a female doll to pair with a male doll or treat them as Barbie dolls.

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