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Advantages to making love with a doll made of TPE

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Of of course, the storage of heat of the TPE along with the smooth surface are useful for creating a real-life sex experience. Furthermore, not only it’s surface but the movement and grip of the TPE doll’s body parts are smooth and natural. If you’d like to give your beloved doll a pat on the back it will move as softly as the real woman’s butt. Of course, this applies to massaging your breasts with your beloved teen sex doll. They are comfortable and natural.

For dolls that have a larger bust, we would suggest the ‘Hollow Breasts option in the Make Her Real selection. When making dolls made of TPE mini sex doll, there are cavities created in the breasts that you cannot see through the outer. If you are now kneading the breasts, they will feel especially soft because of the TPE material that occupies space inside the cavity.

It is also worth noting that carefree making kneads is feasible because TPE is extremely resistant to abrasion and is an excellent choice if you’re looking to enjoy an evening of creating love with a gorgeous sexually attractive bbw sex doll. To really turn you on, paint your TPE to make sure that it smells like your favorite scent, since TPE is non-odorless.

Premium Feeling using Silicone

Silicone dolls are the crème of sex dolls. This is evident in their distinctive quality and , consequently, in their cost. It is possible to purchase an anime sex doll constructed entirely from silicone starting at around 4900 dollars. Even though the price may appear expensive at first glance the price is actually reasonable due to the exceptional quality you get.

Top brands like ALDOLL make use of a unique mix of platinum silicone and silicon foam to create a flawless result for your luxurious teen sex doll.

The advantages of silicone

Super realistic design

The finest handwork

Created by real professionals


Durable material

Feeling silky smooth and flawless

Their skin on these dolls is soft yet soft and slightly more synthetic than TPE. This is a feeling that many of the fans of high-end luxury dolls claim to be “flawless”.

The dolls made of silicone are however, molded into molds in similar fashion to TPE dolls, but they are significantly more resistant to heat.

Because silicone is, in general, more robust and durable and pliable, it is also better processed and modelled.

This benefit of silicone is apparent in the stunning details in the bodies and faces of silicone dolls.

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