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Advantages and disadvantages of various types of love doll breasts

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1.standard solid breasts

Advantages of breast enhancement
・Beautiful shape
・High durability
The best is the shape of the chest. It is solid, so the shape of the chest can be kept beautiful like a virtual character such as an animation or a game. On the contrary, hollow breasts and jelly breasts will feel a little dripping. Just like human aging, it will become distorted and contracted over time. Therefore, compared with these two types, strong breasts are always in perfect condition. And it is very flexible, if you like this element, you will be very satisfied.

So I think full breasts are suitable for those who value breast shape. It is as beautiful as a virtual human and will not deform over time.

Disadvantages of solid breasts
・ hard
・ Unreal
As I explained in the feature section, it is more difficult than the other two types of breasts, so for those who pursue reality and value realism, I think this type will be 90% regrettable. Most love doll beginners will use this standard breast, normal breast type when buying dolls, because most love doll beginners refer to solid breasts as standard breasts or normal breasts as a basic customization option, mistakenly thinking that “standard women are natural breast”. But this type is usually non-standard breasts.

Advantages of Jelly Breast

Advantages of breast enhancement

・ Soft
・ bouncy
・ Kneading comfort is close to the real thing
It is the most real breast, with tough elasticity and soft hollow breasts. And the feeling of rubbing is close to real breasts, soft and moist, and you can feel plump plums. This is an indescribable experience.

Disadvantages of Jelly Breast
・ Heavy weight
・High price
・Low temperature freeze hardening
Since the jelly breast itself is already perfect, the drawbacks are even more external. In winter, the temperature in Japan is very cold, so it is common for the jelly chest to become a little stiff when there is no one and no heating system.

And when putting jelly in the breast, the weight is naturally heavier than the other two breasts, and the bigger the cup, the heavier it is. Secondly, the cups in the jelly box are also limited. Can’t choose a big bra cup like a melon ball. Another thing is the high price. It is usually set as a paid option on the product page. However, depending on the mail order store and manufacturer, it may be free.

This is the pros and cons of loving doll breasts. Meiai Doll, which sells high-end products, not only pays attention to pre-sale service, but also pays attention to after-sales service. Customer feedback is the ladder to improve our business. Enthusiastically answering various questions for customers is also the responsibility of a successful online mail order store.

According to our sales experience, some customers regret that “his doll is better than a friend’s doll” after purchasing the product. Due to the lack of knowledge and experience in breast type selection, about half of the people buy love dolls that are different from their own purposes and uses. If you have experience with breast types, it is no wonder that you have purchased the product and will never regret it. Don’t hesitate to buy your favorite sex doll accurately!

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