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Abusing Life-Size Love Dolls

Using a real doll is a habit that can add or significantly increase the fun in bed with your partner.

In any case, its use must follow certain rules to avoid some inconveniences. Here are five deadly mistakes you shouldn’t make in order to get the most out of your device.

Forget cleaning the luxury sex dolls you use!
It is very important to clean the ebony sex dolls every time it is used. In fact, the main result is that bacteria are attracted and accumulate there without your knowledge. Therefore, if you don’t wash it, you risk developing vaginal bacterial diseases, which can affect sexual pleasure.

However, keep in mind that you must first refer to the instructions to clean your love doll. Read the instructions carefully and follow the instructions for cleaning. However, keep in mind that for most sex dolls, soap and hot water are sufficient for proper cleaning.

Ignore the storage of sex dolls!
After using a sexual pleasure object, you may forget to put it away. However, all you need is a plastic bag or fabric to keep them safe.

However, be careful not to combine these to prevent contamination when you are sick. Put each deluxe love doll in a separate bag. Remember, before putting away your life-size love doll, you must clean it.

Use only life-size love dolls when in love!
You might not know it, but true love dolls are more useful when you use them with your partner (and only if you have them). Using it in the presence or participation of your partner can help you increase orgasm and strengthen your intimacy.

So be curious, talk about your deepest sexual desires, and use sharing for sensational results.

Swap people for luxury sex dolls!
One thing you absolutely must avoid is being able to shock yourself with the drama of a sex doll. You don’t lose sight of the importance of physical contact.

In fact, they’re only there to improve your sex life, not to completely replace your partner (if you have one). On the other hand, if you are single, they can continue with your regular sexual activities.

Make up for sexual dissatisfaction with your partner with a flat chested sex doll! Most RealDoll users crouch when their partner finds it difficult to provide these pleasure items. This shouldn’t be the case because it allows you to enrich your sex life as a couple. This is not a substitute!

Focusing on it can lead to depression. It should only be used by couples if your sex life is already on track.

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