About the same size as a sex doll

Best Sex Dolls

The next important aspect is size. Some dolls have a larger body than others and others are smaller. Some dolls are quite short and almost medium in size. These dolls are more popular because they are easier for people to move around.

A doll between 160 and 165 cm in height is the best choice if you want a doll that is approximately the same height as an average woman. These teen sex doll are usually the most realistic because they are approximately the same height as a human and have a more balanced proportion.

You also have to think about how much you can carry. People tend to buy larger sex toys, but they are often difficult to move and can’t have sex in various positions. These dolls are usually made from metal skeleton and can be heavier than you might think. If you don’t want something very heavy, you should choose a smaller doll. Although you don’t need to settle for TPE dolls it is a good idea to have a doll that weighs more than the car you desire. You should also know that these tpe sex dolls are very heavy and can not be reduced by being taken with you.

A larger proportion of breasts can also make a mini sex doll larger. You may get larger breasts than you think. This doll is almost the same size as a normal doll. If you’re not careful, the idea of dolls that are too heavy can become a problem. These realistic dolls for love should be viewed according their size. When you are sexy, size is important.

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