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A Realistic Sex Doll Found in a Rental House Was The “Corpse”

Police received a call recently from University Boulevard Dallas, Texas. He said that he found the legs of a woman in the rental house. The police arrived on the scene and could not believe their eyes. What was the matter?

The video shows that the police arrived on the scene to find that the man who called them was extremely scared and panicked. The man answered that he was coming to rent a house and it took him less than three minutes to get in the house. The bed was very messy so I tried to clean it. However, when I opened the quilt I discovered a pair “legs” within. This scared the man who rushed to call the police.

The police found out that the “legs” were actually a simulated human bbw sex doll, which is a mini sex doll. After learning of the situation, the man exhaled relief and said that he had never seen the quilt at the time. This caused trouble for the police. As long as there wasn’t an accident, the police were also understanding. The video shows that the man was scared and broke both arms as he fled.

Some netizens felt that the man was making too much fuss. This was a waste of police resources. Netizens expressed concern that the man was making too much fuss on this cold night. They also said that the sight of the legs on the bed is very real and that it makes them feel afraid. Some netizens suggested that the man must be scared judging by his demeanor, injured arm, and I hope no one laughs at me for being timid.

It might not have been as brave if it was everyone else in that situation. Police remind everyone to remain alert and to pay attention to safety all the time. Calling the police is the best option if you are faced with a problem that you cannot solve or believe is dangerous. The saying goes, “Don’t be afraid to ask what” but be afraid of “what if”. Even if police are busy only a few times, the effort is worthwhile as long as it is true.

Everyone should exercise reasonable judgment before calling the police. You shouldn’t call the police to do everything. The police force is small, after all.

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