A guidelines for talking with your partner about your life-size doll

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Rule : Keep a spirit of humor.

When I informed my friend about my collection of sex toys I had been with her for approximately 1 month. At the time, she was aware I was a normal person (rule number 2).

In one night of drinking, the topic of sex as well as sexual toys came up, and we began discussing the things we’ve experimented with and what we would like to do again.

I could have informed the girl that I was a life-sized rubber doll I dressed as and sexual relations with on a daily basis however it would have been a bit odd which I wasn’t looking to dissuade her from doing it.

However, when things became heated and the conversation switched toward me, informed her that she should never know what I have I’m the owner of one of those life-sized silicone dolls.

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The woman looked stunned at first, but I laughed and informed her that she looked like a real person and that at times I felt as if her eyes were looking at my soul.

She was laughing and made a couple of jokes about it, and we decided to leave it at that. She did not ask for my collections, and I have never offered to show my collection.

With humour She was able to make fun of it. The ease with which I was not bothered and felt relaxed made something which can be a huge deal for others, seem as if it’s nothing.

It was all I did. I wasn’t serious enough to make her realize I wasn’t laughing However, I was calm enough to let her be sure that I wasn’t creepy and that’s how we come to the second tip.

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