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A Guide To Buying Your First Life-Size Love Doll

Aldoll is the real reliable store for realistic life size silicone and TPE love dolls. Don’t be fooled by fake dealers of inferior Dutch wives that don’t look like the pictures shown and are stolen from reputable sites like ours.

We take great pride in our high quality products and 24/7 customer service before and after sales. Aldoll will guide and track you from order to final delivery and help you maintain your sex doll after the fact.

A good true tiny sex doll is made of high-quality TPE (elastomer) or silicone and a sturdy joint frame, professionally hand-finished from head to toe. The real doll you receive will be the same as our photo.

You want to buy a sex doll, but you still wonder “Am I normal?” Who buys luxury love dolls? The answer is ordinary people, your neighbors, colleagues or friends. We have clients of all ages, including women. Experts often recommend affordable sex doll to women, such as dildos and vibrating ducklings. Why don’t men have the right to have something to satisfy their sex life either? The life-size love doll is a huge step forward for love dolls. They are the usual evolution of inflatable luxury sex dolls, or even the result of the master betas associated with these same-sex dolls; the materials are the same.

Having a real love doll has many benefits, usually resolving marital problems, jealousy, and loneliness. It can also fill in occasional absenteeism, lost companions, etc. Another area that makes owning a RealDoll more natural is photography. More and more stores demand this model, and photographers love it. Sex dolls never get sick, get fat, lie or cheat! what else?

How to choose my luxury love doll?
First, narrow your search for budget questions. Affordable cartoon sex dolls are a luxury item that should not be underestimated. It is important to choose the right model for your budget without financial problems. The first step is to choose a life-size love doll figure. The chest is large or small, the waist is thin, or the crotch is large. To do this, go to the Love Doll Real Personalization page. It can be seen that the body is custom made from head to toe.

Choose a deluxe sex doll size
Once you choose the 158cm sex doll etc. If you visit this True real life sex doll product page, you will find it in the “True Love Doll Customization” category. Then choose options: eye color, hair, skin, manicure and of course face! The face is the most important point because he gives your sex doll a soul. All available faces are displayed in the options. You can also check out the full face compatibility chart here.

Another option is to browse the photo gallery of luxury love dolls sorted by face on this page (photo menu). Then click the pink button “Use these options to order this sex doll” to go to the relevant life-size love doll product page.

Silicon or TPE?
This question comes up frequently. Aldoll specializes in TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) life dolls, but also has some silicone premium sex dolls, some with heating and sonic properties. Generally, TPE is recommended for sexual relations due to its softness and elasticity. Silicone is definitely stiff, so movement is more restricted. This makes it more durable than TPE, but you need to be aware that sex dolls, whether silicone or TPE, are fragile and require special attention.

One piece or removable vagina? Know that both vaginas are the same internally and provide the same sensation. Molded vaginas (integrated with the love doll’s body) are more realistic, but the detachable version is easy to clean and replace when damaged. Removable tongue and “stand up” option: The tongue is cosmetic and has no real function for gender. Photographers are advised to use the standing option. This option balances the RealDoll by locking the ankle tilt to 90 degrees. This option will not balance the sex doll during sex.

We hope this short guide has helped you take your first steps into the world of realistic silicone luxury love dolls. Don’t hesitate to ask all your questions in real time via the live chat in the bottom right corner.

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