A few tips for the day-to-day treatment of dolls that sex

1. High-end blow-dry hairstyles

A curling iron isn’t only beneficial to detangle hair, but although most people think of the tool only suitable for hair that is wet It is also useful for smoothing curly hair that is dry the top sex doll. The only thing you require to accomplish this task is a dry, clean towel.

2. Caustic acid tpe sex doll

If there is acid, apply a tiny amount of TPE flower using the help of a pointed tool. Then, bring the sides that are cracked together and keep them in place for a couple of minutes until they’re completely closed. Prior to applying the gum make sure that the area you have damaged is clean. You could use a 70% isopropyl alcohol-based cleaning solution.

Make use of a spatula to spread the glue evenly across the tear on the realistic TPE sex doll. Avoid placing too much glue onto the spatula, as this could result in excessive glue sticking to the cake’s skin. After sealing, wipe away the glue with the use of a dry cloth. Be careful not to use your fingers to get rid of the glue, as this can create unwelcome scratches on your cake. Let the cake rest for a few hours.

4.blowing porn star big booty sex doll using an electric heat gun

How do you deal with the lines appearing on your pornstar small sex doll? The first step is clean the affected area of the cake using baby oil or oil as well as cleaning it to distribute the heat equally. Once you have applied baby oil begin to use an electric heat gun on the affected area.

Be aware of your distance from between the heating gun to the gun’s skin Do not be closer to the guns as it could cause serious burns to the surface and keep it at the distance to at least 10 centimeters. Its melting temperature of TPE coil is around 110… When it begins to melt you’ll see an icy-looking surface after it’s no longer connected to the switch that controls the temperature.

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