A few horrible things happen when you don’t properly clean your sexual dolls

1. Bacteria accumulate.

You may think that cleaning a sexual toy such as the vibrator after just two or three use isn’t a big deal. It’s yours after all isn’t it? Who will know, and who’s going take notice? You know and, most important, your vagina is very deeply.

If you don’t wash your vibrator or dildoregularly, bacteria could get into your toy.

The vagina is a place of wonders, it’s true. It’s also awash with bacteria, both bad and good which depend on your own environment to ensure your health.

If you are separated from this (very sexually attractive) environment, disaster could befall you.

2. The toys you have been using for sex can be rotting.

When you purchase toys, ensure that you know what exactly is inside And I’m not only speaking about penis that influenced the design (although that’s always an interesting fact) as well as the materials it’s constructed of.

If your toy is constructed of a jelly-like substance, be sure that it does not contain phthalates. Toys break down gradually over time and not only when you’re not using them. They are able to break down within you , and emit chemicals to your organs. It’s not very sexually attractive.

What is the cause of this speeding up? Not cleaning your love doll. So do it.

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3. You can get an STI.

sex doll aren’t only things you play with on your own. If you live a lusty life, you might be sharing these toys with your friends in sexual encounters.

The positive side is the fact that sexually transmitted diseases cannot remain in the air for long. Therefore, if you play with the sex toys within a month of when someone previously did it, you’re less likely to be sick. But, it’s a an excellent habit to become accustomed to washing your toys as frequently as is possible.

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