A Detailed Overview to Repairing a TPE Sex Doll

The Hot Towel Procedure

This simple repair service process requires you to cover the visible damages on your sex doll with a hot, clean towel for a brief span of time. When the damaged part is currently warm, placed on a glove and also pat the damaged area with your hand. Do these steps alternately until the indentation is no more noticeable.

The Hair Dryer Approach

It shows up that a hairdryer does not just work with a lady’s hair. While most of us believe that this tool just works to dry a lady’s damp hair, it is likewise an exceptional remedy to repair your TPE sex doll.

What you will certainly need for this technique is a damp as well as clean towel. As high as possible, make use of a white fabric to avoid discoloring your mini sex doll. Cover the imprint marks with the wet towel as well as heat it with the hairdryer. Go on with this step for a long time. Later, you will see that the indentations will begin to go away gradually.

Repairing Sex Doll Abrasions

Besides impressions, an additional typical damages that your cheap sex dolls may get is abrasions and tears. That being claimed, there are a number of ways that you can do in order to fix such sort of damage.

Usage TPE Glue

When you have actually found where the tear is, use a small amount of TPE adhesive making use of a fine-tipped device. After that, pull both sides of the tear together and hold it for a number of minutes till it comes to be undamaged once more.

But prior to applying the adhesive, see to it that the damaged area is completely tidy. You can make use of 70% isopropyl alcohol to do this.

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