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A Barbie Doll Sex Ooak

A previous customer wrote us a few emails expressing his excitement after purchasing a sex doll from us. We chose to express it after obtaining his consent.Email From A Real Buyer:

After more than half a month of waiting, I finally received my doll, she looks very good. I can’t wait to use her.
I love Barbie dolls for a few reasons. It never occurred to me that one day my dream of having sex with a Barbie would come true. I’m glad you answered so many questions for me before.

Here’s another email from him a few days later:

The clothes I bought for her have been received, and she looks more like a Barbie after dressing up. She’s only 2.13ft and it’s easy to hold her in your hands. I am currently learning how to take care of my baby, she is like my baby, every day I open my eyes and see her next to me, every time I say good morning to her.
When I got home from get off work, she would sit on the sofa and wait for me. I will tell her what I am happy and unhappy about this day. She always listens to me with a smile. Although she can’t give me advice, I am also very satisfied. Once I was scolded by my boss, I was in a bad mood, but when I got home I saw her feeling better.
At night, I like to sleep with her in my arms. My bed was no longer just me, it was cold, and she made me realize what it’s like to be accompanied. When I can’t sleep, I talk to her. I love stroking her cheeks in the dark, framing her little by little. Since she was by my side, I felt the joy of falling in love. Thank you for giving me such a perfect doll!
Maybe I’m more excited, there are some problems with the sentence, please don’t mind.

Here is a link to the sex doll he purchased:2ft2″ TPE Mini Sex Doll | Rebekah | 18 Years

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